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Music of the Spheres® Wind Chimes Austin Texas

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Chime Sizes: Soprano  Mezzo  Alto  Tenor  Bass  Westminster  Contra-Bass  Basso-Profundo
Chime Tunings: Aquarian  Balinese  Chinese  Gypsy  Hawaiian  Japanese  Mongolian  Nashville  Pentatonic  Quartal  Whole Tone

Winter Chimes Video Features a Mongolian Tenor

These are professional grade, hand tuned wind chimes that are built to last. The sleek design of black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing make these chimes outstanding in both sound quality and visual appeal. No other brand meets the industry standards for tonal quality, sustain and durability. Best of all, these are made right here in the USA. Handcrafted in Austin, Texas by the talented artisans at Music of the Spheres®, Inc.

They are available in 5 standard sizes, listed from smallest to largest: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass, plus the 7 1/2' Westminster (Big Ben tuning only), 9' Contra-Bass and 14' Basso-Profundo (expanded quartal tuning only).

Each of the standard sizes are available in eleven tunings: Aquarian Balinese Chinese Gypsy Hawaiian Japanese Mongolian Nashville Pentatonic Quartal and Whole Tone

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Click on any chime to learn more Westminster Wind Chime Bass Wind Chime Tenor Wind Chime Alto Wind Chime Mezzo-Soprano Wind Chime Soprano Wind Chime

Click on any chime to learn more

New 9' Contra Bass chime

Amazing 14' Basso-Profundo chime

With unique features like interchangeable size wind-catchers (additional wind catchers purchased separately) to control activity play and a handy on/off feature, you can customize the activity level to suit virtually any environment. Rest assured that these chimes are designed for durability in outdoor weather conditions and are backed with a manufacturer warranty for 7 years on the smaller chimes and a 15 year warranty on the Tenor, Bass, Contra-Bass and Basso Profundo chimes. Learn more.

These windchimes are hand-tuned to play musical notes. No annoying clanking metal tube sound here! Hearing is believing.

Learn about Pythagoras and the origins of Music of the Spheres.
We offer all sizes and tunings made by Music of the Spheres Inc. Note: We are an authorized retailer for Music of the Spheres® Wind Chimes. Chimes sold by Olive Barn are new and come with a full manufacturer's warranty. Learn how to be sure you are buying from an authorized retailer.

Wind Bells and Chimes in History: Many cultures dating back through history have used wind chimes and wind bells. Asia, especially China and Japan developed wind chimes to enhance their environment both visually and acoustically. Learn more.

Feng Shui for the garden. The purity, clarity and sustain of these finely tuned wind chimes are perfect for outdoor or indoor relaxation. Known throughout the industry as the The Stradivarius of Windchimes™, these wind instruments are hand-tuned, highly resonant with unmatched tonal quality. Mediation enthusiasts find the tranquility of these soothing sounds helpful in relaxation.

"World Peace - One Backyard at a Time" -- Larry Roark, Founder

music of the spheres chime tuningsLearn about chime tunings

 music of the spheres wind chime sizesMusic of
the Spheres
Wind Chime Sizes
Made in USA

 About Music of the Spheres® wind chimesManufacturer warranty information

Your complete satisfaction is guaranteed when with any purchase from Olive Barn. Customers tell us that this site contains one of the most comprehensive information available on these chimes. Once you hear them, you'll be hooked on the music for life. Let us help you create a relaxing environment in your backyard today. Enjoy some good Feng Shui today.

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